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  • “Everything but the

    PEANUT Brittle…an Almond Brittle!”

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    peanut free treats, snacks & desserts”

  • “100% Peanut Free….

    Enjoy the freedom of worry free indulgence!

  • “Everything in moderation…

    including moderation”

  • “100% free of

    all nuts & naturally gluten free!”

Our products are handmade, hand packaged & always made with love.

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    • As a school leader there are often occasions when I am looking for treats that are both delicious and of high quality. For both students and staff, items from Dollface Desserts have always fit the bill. Plus their peanut-free facilities mean nearly everyone can enjoy and partake in the fun. I have ordered from Dollface many times and am certain that I will be a customer for many years to come!

      erin s. executive director, CHIME institute’s charter school programs - Cookies for entire faculty and student body

    • The Dolls at Dollface make some of the most delicious treats I’ve ever had. Everything has the perfect balance of salty and sweet without being too sweet like a lot of big name candy brands.
      I love giving Dollface Desserts as gifts to friends as well. Everyone’s face always lights up with they see the cute retro wrapping and darling logo. Supporting a small company who loves what they do and puts so much love into their products has never been so gratifying. I love the Dolls and I love the sweets!

      courtney h. psychic medium houston, tx. - Em’s Buttercups & Salted Caramel Corn for all friends and family “just because.”

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    Sweets for Thought

  • An estimated 1% of US children are diagnosed with having the peanut allergy. Only 20% will outgrow it by adult hood.
  • Peanuts are NOT NUTS! They are actually classified as a legume – like a pea!
  • Almonds are considered to be a “HIGH CALCIUM FOOD.” Almond butter, featured in Em’s Almond butter cookies & Buttercups, has 8% calcium (wow!!) - Peanut butter has none.
  • If someone with the peanut allergy ingests peanuts the reaction could be as manageable as a mild rash or as scary as anaphylaxis (constriction of airways)
  • Dark chocolate increases blood flow to the brain as well as to the heart
  • Wonder why our products taste so ridiculously delicious? It’s because a sprinkle of LOVE is added to every batch

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